Tigran Gardoya

Leader of Arise Chicken


HP – 78

STR – 18 CON – 16 DEX – 12 INT – 9 WIS – 16 CHA – 18


AC – 25 Fort – 21 Reflex – 20 Will – 21


Donned in crimson armor and blessed by the Fist of Kord himself stands Tigran Gardoya. A gifted athlete and formidable tactician, Tigran’s early life was normal. Born to Surina and Donaar Gardoya, the obsidian-scaled paladin excelled in his early studies. True to form of dragonborn culture, he was trained and raised by his father, Donaar. Due to his slightly larger frame even by dragon born standards, he took too combat quickly, excelling in close-quarter combat with a blade. He was allowed to choose his own path when it came to religion and his farther encouraged him to learn about and embrace all religions around him and to choose his own path in life. There were several temples strewn about his home city, each to a god accepted in dragonborn society. His father expected him to follow as most dragonborn do and begin worshipping one of 2 dragon gods, Tiamaht or Bahamuht, yet knowing his son’s life’s goal of bettering himself in everything he attempts, it was only fate that he end up a devoted follower of Kord, the storm god and the lord of battle. He studied the teachings of Kord for several years, engraving the tactics and teachings of Kord into his mind and body, making the battlefield his second home. As a paladin, he is the instrument of Kord. Through his unshakeable will, Tigran moves through the battlefield as an unstoppable force of good, a juggernaut of peace. Through the religion, he befriended Shynn Swiftstrike, a warlord and fellow worshipper of Kord, and through a series of events they eventually became brothers on the battlefield, and under those same fateful events, he also came to know Marigold Moonbeam the wizard, and the trio came to form the adventuring company Arise Chicken. In his final days at the temple, the bishop, Maatchi, of the temple, had a great vision of an impending crisis that was going to change everything, but had no clue as to what exactly what was going to happen. Maatchi had a brilliant plan as to how to best investigate what was going to happen. He chose his best paladins, but each from a different race and culture, they each were devout followers of Kord, but knew their backgrounds would each serve them differently in how they went about quelling the oncoming threat. Marbakk, the dwarf, Surtheriel, the eladrin, the human Quinne, and last of all, Tigran. Each from a different race and background, he sent them each on their mission, leaving the judgment of how to do it up to them. Tigran chose to set about finding himself in the world with his group, Arise Chicken, for he knew in order to save everything he cared for, he would have to become god-like himself and set out to find a way to become as great as the gods themselves…

Tigran Gardoya

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