Shenn Swiftstrike

Dedicated and Thoughtful Eladrin Warlord


Shenn grew up in one of the larger cities in the Feywild, Astrazalian. Shenn’s parent’s were both mages by trade, and fairly unimpressing to say the least. They specialized in the history of Arcane Artifacts, studying them in any free time they found themselves with under the direct orders of Lady Shandria. As such, while growing up, Shenn found himself knee-deep in history lessons and hours of lectures with his parents explaining the theory behind spells to him.

He had a hard time focusing on learning about magical things as he was always more interested in what was going on over at the Laughing Gull Tavern. Many afternoons he should have spent studying, he refined his skill in teleporting by flitting the short distance from his second story window down to the brush below. For hours and hours upon end, Shenn would watch The Sword Guard (Astrazalian’s Primary Fighting Force) spar amongst themselves in the small wooded outskirts of the Tavern.

Watching them was a very important part of his day. He just seemed to ‘get’ them. There was always a strict process to their daily sessions. They would gather up in formation and one soldier in particular would yell out commands, watching them to make sure his orders were executed flawlessly.

As odd as it sounds, Shenn had a hard time ‘getting’ some of the other Eladrin around his age. While they found joy in adopting the cool arrogance of the older Eladrin, he, on the contrary, would just say exactly what was on his mind, making a few of the others uncomfortable. This struggle never became easier, Shenn just became a bit better a pretending to fit in.

Shenn saved up what meager amount of spending money he could by performing odd jobs around the city; Sweeping up the steps here, cleaning up some larger debris there. Eventually, he had enough to get a training sword. It wasn’t made very well and the balance was absolutely awful, but it was his sword.

As per his usual, he would run back to the Tavern and watch the soldiers. Unlike the times before, this time he brought his sword with him and mimicked some of the soldiers, trying to get his posture right, swinging his sword in much the same manor as the soldiers practicing were. One soldier in particular, Berran Stoutstrike, took notice and came over to see what the lad was up to. He was a hulk of a man, large by Eladrin standards.

After having a small talk with Shenn, Berran decided that he and his boys wouldn’t mind having Shenn practice amongst them, and while he couldn’t an official member of The Sword Guard, they would show him everything they could. In turn, after the practices, he would polish the armor for every soldier that helped him that day.

In the Fall and Winter, Astrazalian resides in the Feywild. During this time, Shenn goes exploring. Even though the border is constantly under attack by the Fomorians, he explores what he can and keeps his distance from danger.

One time in particular, he happened across a gathering of 4 soldiers surrounding what appeared to be a Fomorian. Stricken with terror and interest all at once, Shenn hid behind a fallen tree and watched through the branches. Soldier after soldier started to fall but the Fomorian was looking worse for the wear. Eventually, there was on the one soldier left, his helmet cracked. The soldier took his helmet off and tossed it behind him. Shenn recognized it as Berran. With a start, he stood up, then thought better of it. Berran turned around and Shenn saw the Fomorian lunge. He yelled, “Behind you! Strike!” Berran thrust his sword behind him and caught the ugly beast right in the neck. It faltered and fell over as it’s blood spattered the ground.


Years passed and Shenn was shaping up to be quite the swordsman. While not as strong or as big as a majority of the soldiers, he was quick on his feet and his mind was sharp. Berran saw many of the same qualities in Shenn that Lady Shandria showed herself. He mentioned the path of the Warlord.

Shenn knew he didn’t fit in with all the Eladrin around here, so he decided that he needed to get out and do something else. Perhaps learn more about battle. He discussed this with Berran and they both decided that Shenn should wait until the Spring when Astrazalian will exist in the mortal realm and then depart from there.

Berran personally escorted Shenn to the gate and said a few words of encouragement. The final phrase spoken made Shenn grin, though, “Take care of yourself, Shenn Swiftstrike.”


Eventually, Shenn met up with what is now known as Arise, Chicken. He puts what skills he has to use protecting his friends and relies on Tigran to further his knowledge in the ways of directing battle.

Shenn Swiftstrike

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